Spread the word; you’re exhibiting at Gear Expo 2017.

Your booth space is reserved, you’re ready to showcase your products and technologies, now you just need to get the word out. This exhibitor toolkit will help you spread the word and drive attendees to your Gear Expo booth.

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Gear Expo Logos

Place the Gear Expo or Gear Expo Exhibitor Logo on marketing materials and communications you’re sending out to your customers and prospects.


Download Logo Package
Included in package: color, b&w, reversed for print & web


Download Exhibitor Logo Package
Included in package: color, b&w, reversed for print & web

Display Ads

For added exposure, place the Gear Expo banner ads on your website to let your customers know you’ll be there. Either link to your website where you’re housing Gear Expo-specific information or link to Gear Expo’s site. Additionally, use one in your email signature!


Download Display Ads Package
Sizes Include: 300×250, 300×600, 320×100, 728×90

Press Release

Introducing a new product at Gear Expo 2017? Showcasing up-and-coming technology? Writing a Press Release is a great way to promote your business’s presence at the show. Customize the downloadable Press Release so it’s tailored to your company.

Download Sample Press Release


Invite Letter/Email

Promote your company’s booth at Gear Expo 2017 by sending an email or letter to current and potential clients. Your outreach efforts are important, so send this to anyone who may be interested in registering!

Download Sample Invite Letter/Email


Copy and Social Media Posts

Social media can be an effective (and inexpensive) way to get the word out about your presence at Gear Expo 2017. Adjust this copy as needed, and add it to blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Download Sample Copy and Social Media Posts


Additional Ways to Spread the Word

Become a Gear Expo Sponsor. It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think.
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Rent Gear Expo’s Pre- and Post-Show Attendee Mailing Lists.
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Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Provide incentives with your promotions

What is the key to a good offer? Know your audience. What interests them? What would your prospects perceive as valuable? Here are some types of incentives commonly used at trade shows:

  •  The Product-Related Offer: If applicable, give away a sample of your product, in whole or in part. This type of incentive attracts traffic from those truly interested in your products, rather than the general attendance. If giving away a sample isn’t feasible, offer a special presentation or demonstration. Consider offering a discount to any buyers who base their purchasing decision on their visit to your booth.


  •  The Service-Related Offer: This incentive provides attendees with a special service for stopping by your exhibit. It can work like a product-related offer, but substitutes a service your company provides. The most effective service incentive relates to your company or its role in the industry, such as providing research information or an educational video. The service-related incentive can also be offered even if it has little to do with your business. Make certain it is a service that buyers want and a service that reflects positively on your company.


  •  The General Giveaway: This form of incentive can either be a waste of money or an excellent investment. To be most successful, the giveaway should be related to your product and sales story, should be of great interest and value to your prospects, and should be presented selectively. The giveaway gift incentive can vary from pens, key rings and T-shirts to educational tools or participation in a large drawing for cash or a high-priced item. The perceived value of the gift must be high enough for people to make the effort to visit your booth.


Target Your List

To whom you send your mailing is dependent to some degree on your product and message. You may wish to target your mailing if you have a very specific message to communicate. However, if you plan to reach the broadest audience possible, you may want to consider the following groups:


  • Current Customers: Many exhibitors overlook this group, but often contact with current customers can lead to new opportunities.


  •  Internal Prospect Lists: This is where your pre-show promotional efforts can have a strong impact. You want to offer this group a good reason to attend the show and visit your booth.


  •  Industry Publication Lists: Industry publication lists may be too large for your purposes, but publications may offer a breakdown of their lists by job functions or product areas, which may be useful for targeted mailings.


  •  VIP Customers and Prospects: Consider sending a special mailing to your top accounts and prospects. This should be a more personal type of mailing that you may want to follow up with pre-show telephone calls.


Phone Marketing

A pre-show direct mail program, accompanied by a phone campaign, can bring a potential visitor one step closer to visiting your exhibit. Phone calls can be used to encourage hot prospects and key clients to schedule appointments to meet with a representative from your company during the show, pick up a giveaway or new literature, and see a product demonstration. Your phone efforts should tell them something new rather than repeat what they’ve already read in your pre-show direct mail piece.

Start with a list of 50 must-see names provided by your sales staff. Call each person on your must-see list to arrange a specific appointment in your booth for them to review your product’s benefits. Confirmed appointments should be immediately followed with a confirmation card or letter and map to your booth location. One month prior to the show, have each of your salespeople contact their 20 best accounts and remind them of your company’s participation in the show.


E-mail Campaign

An HTML e-mail campaign can be very effective. An engaging e-mail is a great way to highlight your company’s participation at Gear Expo, as well as showcasing the new products and services you’re planning to unveil.

Make sure to include pertinent information, a call out to take action, and links to your site, a registration page, or store. Time the campaign correctly and make sure to target and personalize your messages as much as possible. Work with your graphic designer and webmaster to determine what your technological capabilities and/or limitations may be in working with HTML e-mails. Using rich media such as animated graphics, videos, music, etc. will increase your response rates.


New Product Announcements

With key customers, industry press and a large number of potential customers, Gear Expo is the ideal forum to unveil a new product, drawing traffic to your booth. Attendees often say that seeing new products is one of the top reasons they attend the show. Let everyone know well in advance that you will have something at Gear Expo.



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